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In early October 2015, I got handed a script for a new feature film called Prizefighter, written by Matt Hookings.

Matt and I have been working together since my first short film Pollen and this was his new feature film.

After some discussion, it was decided to make a 9 minute standalone short film with a budget of £25k, called Birth of Boxing. This would then be taken to Cannes to gauge the reaction for this type of film.  The stand alone short film was made in April 2016, with all post completed 2 weeks later ready for Cannes in May 2016 and the reaction was extremely positive.

Billed as Raging Bull meets Peaky Blinders, this is the trailer for our 9 minute short film.

I was the Executive Producer, VFX Producer, VFX Supervisor, VFX Artist (CG Generalist) and it was the first creative project to be completed under my new company chris.hardman Pictures.

Visit to find out more about Birth of Boxing and which film festivals it will be showing at.

Prizefighter will be a feature film for our group Camelot Films so look out for updates throughout 2017.

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