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February, 29th 2014 was the first time Matt and I spoke about his boxing script set in the 1800’s whilst preparing my first short film.

October 11th 2015 –  I had just finished at ILM London, Matt was looking for acting roles.  Sitting in the Curzon Cinema in Piccadilly, we were both pretty miserable with life.  Nothing was going right and it was about time we took our situations into our own hands.  This was the moment we decided this was the film that we were going to make.

(cue the record scratch).

Only one problem.  We hadn’t made a feature film… and we didn’t have any money.

June 27th 2021.  Over 5 and a half years later.  3 feature films complete and it’s finally ready.  It’s been a rocky prep and it may be a delayed start but Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher is now in Production.

Read the announcement over at Deadline here.

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