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While the Covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone in the film sector, we were lucky with ‘The Obscure Life of Grand Duke of Corsica’ completing during the pandemic.

However, one of our films collapsed due to the impending lockdown in early March 2020, days before pre-production was supposed to commence in Spain.

During the lockdown we have been busy curating our slate and moving forward with a new project that we can shoot under the immediate pandemic guidelines in 2020.

This is ‘The Seed’, a fable about how technology is infiltrating and controlling our lives. – a modern day ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ meets ‘E.T’ meets ‘Spring Breakers’.

Currently in the last stage of development, moving into pre-production in August and shooting in September 2020.

Above are a few images from the deck that represents the look and feel of the film.

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